Installing GNOME 3 Shell on Ubuntu 12.04

GNOME is one of most popular dekstop environment for Linux. It shows us how Linux it is and break common people opinions about Linux. For about years many people still think that Linux is not user-friendly, still using CLI (Command Line Interface) to operate it, etc. They think that Linux cannot be compared with Windows or Mac in environment aspects. But now we know GNOME, I think this is the most beautiful dekstop environment for Ubuntu.

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Top 5 Premium WordPress Themes

Many people recommended me to use premium Worpdress themes when I started to build a blog. They argue that using premium WordPress themes is better than using free WordPress themes. They also said that using premium themes is safer than free themes and nulled premium themes. In my opinion, premium themes is also offer better design, extendibility,  security, SEO, and usability.

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5 Best WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is an important thing that you must have when you start blogging. It store your WordPress engine, plugins, themes, and everything that you have uploaded.  There are many webhosting support WordPress, but there are only few powerful hosting that can give the best blogging experience for your WordPress site.

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5 Best WordPress Security Plugins

Security is an important thing that you should consider for your WordPress blog. There are millions of blogs that I’m sure it is unsecure because the admin didn’t care with this thing. So if their blogs was hacked, I’m not surprised. But there are many bloggers that care with blog’s security, but their effort to secure their WordPress blog is futile because sometimes hacker is smarter than us.

Wordpress security plugins
WordPress security plugins

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Firewall in Linux Ubuntu

Firewall in Linux is heard weird when you read this post. Some of you will be laugh, and ask,”Bitch please, are you kidding me? Linux is safe, right?” Okay, you will do this because there are few crackers that attack Linux network (server, webhosting, etc). Usually Windows was targeted by crackers because Windows has a lot of users.

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Best WordPress Hosting 2012: Bluehost, a web hosting review site, nominated Bluehost as the best best WordPress hosting in 2012. Bluehost became the winner after reviewed by 1098 WordPress user, rated from WordPress hosting compatibility, features, speed, reliability, WordPress technical support and price.

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Best Free WordPress Plugins to Use in 2012

WordPress plugins are tools that help you to add functionality and new mark to WordPress self-hosted blog. It helps us without editing single line of code and prevent from coding failure. There are many plugin to ‘modify’ your WordPress plugin to make a better blog, but in this post I will share list of best WordPress plugins to use in 2012.

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