Top 5 Android RPG Games in 2013

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On October 11, 2013
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RPG games is one of the mos addictive genres in video games. A lot of people always play it everywhere. A lot of games with this genres available in every platform. Inspired from HackDroid,  in this post Blog Fauzi Ahsan will share 5 best Android role-playing games in 2013.




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In this list QuestLord has the highest rating in Google Play Store, 4.5 from 5. Your mission is save the realm from destruction You can choose human, elf, or dwarf, The realm is very vast, it has 160 maps!

Epic Pirates Story


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What do you think if you are a newbie pirates and want to revenge you father’s dead? In this games, your mission is defeat Duke A Blizzardo, an evil pirate king. You begin your story with small boat on a lonely island. Dangerous journey will be faced and you should win all of difficult battle. This game gets 4.1 rating from 88 respondents. With 1k-5k downloads, it become the least number of downloads in this list.

Final Fantasy Dimensions


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Missing 2D games in 2013? Final Fantasy Dimensions deliver a 2D games. Never underestimate 2D, to play it you should pay $17.27 and download about 200 megabytes. Just like another role-playing games, in this game you can growth your ability, take job, etc. Once again, don’t underestimate 2D games, because in Google Play Store FF Dimension has 4.2 rating and 100k-500k downloads.

Ravensword: Shadowlands

RPG games

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If you want to play this game, you should have a powerful device, haha. Featuring some 3D graphics, this game will deliver the most beautiful view. In this game you should solve the deep mystery of Kingdom of Tyreas. To do it, you have to increase your skill and collect hundreds of item. One more thing, you will not be bored because you should explore a vast world. To play it, you just pay $6.99 and download about 500 megabytes, not bad for a great game. With 50k – 100k downloads, this game has 3.9 rating from 2200 respondent.


chaos ring

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Chaos Ring II is the biggest game to be downloaded. You have to pay $14.22 and and downloads about 973 megabytes. After pay it all, you will be thankful because your mission to save the world is in your hand. You have to mess up a sacrifices, because on of the five person to be sacrified is a dear childhood friend, Marie. Although you  never played Chaos Ring and Chaos Ring Omega, you can enjoy this game because this game is easy to play. With 4.0 rating from 959 respondents, I think this game a great game to play.


That’s all about the best 5 Android RPG games to play in 2013, if you interested you can purchase it all :P

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