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[WordPress] How to Add Signature or Ads Below Post Content

[Wordpress] How to Add Signature or Ads Below Post Content

Hi beloved visitor, I have devided to update this blog in English and Indonesian. This is not inportant for you, but for me this is my first content in English.

There are a lot of ways to insert signature or ads below post content. But in this article I’ll give you the most efficient way that (hopefully) will work for almost all WordPress themes. So you can use this method not only for one themes, but also for others themes.


How to do this? It’s simple. You just add the following code in functions.php.

//Add Signature Link
function custom_content_after_post($content){
if (is_single())
{$content.= '

Your Content Here

 image Keyword';
return $content;
add_filter( "the_content", "custom_content_after_post" );

You have to edit the code after = sign. You can see that in the code above I place an image. You can also place an ads below the post content, so you have to modify some code after = sign. It works for many WordPress themes, both premium and free themes.

If you are not interested to edit themes or you are afraid to broke the themes, you can use FT Signature Manager or WordPress Signature


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