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MetroUI in Ubuntu, Is It Possible?

A few months ago Microsoft has released beta version of Windows 8 with using new interface called MetroUI. With this new interface people loves it. With MetroUI you can feel the soul of tablet PC. 

Now you should not change your OS to Windows 8 to enjoy the intension of MetroUI. You can enjoy it from your Ubuntu PC. What did you say? Can Ubuntu users enjoy MetroUI from their Ubuntu PC? I answer YES!

Don’t worry, kant-o from Devianart has made a conky theme that you can feel the atmosphere of MetroUI from Ubuntu computer. 

How to install Conky MetroUI Style for Ubuntu

In this section I will show you the easiest way to install this theme 

Install Conky

First stuff, you must install Conky from Ubuntu Software Center (you can find it) or you can install it by type the following code

sudo apt-get install conky-all

Make Conky folder

Next step is you create conky directory

mkdir ~/.conky && cd ~/.conky

Download MetroUI Style 


And then unzip it 


Make some necessary setting

chmod +x

chmod +x



Make Conky run on Startup

If you want Conky to start when a new session loads, add the file named to your startup applications (or copy to  ~.config/autostart/).

Finished! Now you can enjoy MetroUI style in your Ubuntu computer 😀

This screenshot is mine

[spoiler title=mine]



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