Gratis Responsive Theme Wordpress

Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes

Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes

Responsive themes is a themes that allows a website to breaks itself across multiple monitor sizes, screen resolutions, and platforms. You can access a website that use Responsive themes via computer, smartphone, or tablet PC smoothly.  It allows the developer to create a site that is optimized for each platform, both in navigation, readability and load time.


Not every blogger or website owner has ability to coding. But every blogger and website-owner hope that they have Responsive themes in their blog or website, because  it is more simple than if you install mobile themes plugin like WordPress Mobile Pack, etc. 

Okay, in this post I will give you some Responsive WordPress themes. This is free and after you have installed it, your reader will be happy because they don’t need to swiping around hiding sidebar, zooming in or out to make the text comfortable. Your reader will be happy and come to your blog later. 

If you confuse with my explanation about Responsive themes, you can view image above and you can make a conclusion xP

Responsive Themes 

Constellation [ Demo | Download ]

[spoiler title=constellation] Constellation


Designfolio [ Demo | Download ]

[spoiler title=Designfolio]



Gridly [ Demo | Download ]

[spoiler title=Gridly]



TumblePress [ Demo | Download ]

[spoiler title=TumblePress]



Eclipse [ Demo | Download ]

[spoiler title=Eclipse]



iFeature 4 [ Demo | Download ]

[spoiler title=iFeature4]



There are some best Responsive WordPress themes, I will update later (if available) :p

FYI I’ve killed 5 mosquitoz when i write this (ignore it) 

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