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Best Free Web-Based Online Games

Everybody like playing games, include web-based online games. Not only children or teenagers, but also many old-man play it.

There are many reasons why people play web-based online games. One of the reason is they haven’t any time to install games to their computer. Other reason is their computer doesn’t meet the minimum system requirement.

Okay, in this post I will give you some web-based online games, so you can play it in your computer 😀

Best Free Web-Based Online Games

FIFA Online

Developer: EA Sports

[spoiler title=FIFA Online]

 Online games


This is the online version of FIFA games. If you’ve been play it on console, you can easily play it and your chance to win is bigger 😀

Super Mario Brothers Crossover

Developer: explodingRabbit

[spoiler title=Super Mario Brothers Crossover]

 Super Mario Crossover


This is the most interesting games that I have played. When I played this, my mind was going back to my childhood, when I played 8-bits games.You must play this


Developer: Freeciv Developers

[spoiler title=Freeciv]



If you have played Simcity or anything like that, you can play Freeciv from your web browser. This online games allows you to build a city and make profit.

Paradise Paintball

Developer: Cmune

[spoiler title=Paradise Paintball]

 Paradise Paintball


If you have played Counter Strike, Point Blank, etc, you can see it on Paradise Paintball. This FPS online games is very interesting to play. If you are FPS lover, you must play this 😀

Other Online Games

If you found another games, you can share it here or contact me via comments box.

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