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5 Best WordPress Poll Plugins

Adding Poll in you blog is useful when you wanted to know reader’s opinion about something happenned. Few years ago I used  it to know my blog visitor’s opinion about my blog. And you know, a ton of people thought that my blog is ugly, only 4 persons had opinion that my blog is not bad. Haha poor me TT

Poll Okay, back to topic. There are many paid and free  plugin available, but in this post I only give you 5 recomended plugin. I’ve kicked some plugins out from my brain because they are harmful for self-hosted WordPress blog. 

WordPress Poll Plugin

Like the previous paragraph, I will give you 5 recomended plugin. They are…

Polldaddy Polls

Few years ago I used this in my blog, it is available and I used it. But I’ve removed it from my blog. I’m sorry xP 

It is very easy to use, including newbie like me when I was 14 years old. Polldaddy Polls has more than 20 style that you can use it. 

Polldaddy Polls


WP-Polls is extremely customizable via templates and css styles and there are tons of options for you to choose to ensure that WP-Polls runs the way you wanted.


Mz-Jajak Polls

This plugin was made by Indonesian teacher, Muhammad Tarmizi. 

This plugin is very interesting, you can put this on sidebar. You can use it easily. You can add, edit, or delete it. 

Mz Jajak

SodaHead Polls

This plugin give you great experience when you designed a Poll for WordPress blog. You can customize size, color, and background skins. Wait!! You can add logo to your polls! 

It has good security that prevent polls from fraud click. 

According to Sodahead Polls’s author, there are many website use it, like ABCnews, Fox News,, and Technorati.

 Sodahead Polls

WP Survey and Quiz Tool

Sometimes you want to make survey and the next day you want to make quiz. If you don’t know about this plugin, you will install WordPress poll plugin and WordPress quiz plugin.

This plugin allow you to make survey and quiz, all in one plugin.

Wp Survey and Quiz Tool

If you know about other plugin or information about plugin above, you can tell us in the comments box.


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