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Weather Widget for WordPress Blog

Do you want to show Weather on your WordPress blog? Do you want to place it on your blog? That’s easy. 


There are many plugins available in internet if you find it. You can place it on your blog and help your readers to know about the latest Weather information on specific place. Okay, if in the previous post I share about Top 5  Wordpress Wiki plugin, in this post I will review a  plugin, Weather sidebar widget

It created by dloading and it was downloaded 5,252 times. The latest version is the same as  initial version,  1.0 . Weather Sidebar Widget will show you today’s weather and the next three days for any location you choose. 

Weather Sidebar Widget’s Feature

  • Present the weather in your sidebar or by shortcode anywhere on your site
  • Weather available for nearly any location in the world
  • Very easy to choose location (Autocomplete locations).
  • Weather texts in Afrikaans, Arabic, Basque, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, French, German, Indonesian, Norwegian, Persian, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Customizable Layout (Shell Background / Weather Background) using color picker
  • Cool and familiar style (Twitter style)
  • Current Weather
  • Day Forecast
  • Three Day Forecast
  • Title of your choice
  • Detailed information of current weather

This make your Weather Sidebar Widget Cool

  • Choosing from multiple languages 
  • Autocomplete location in widget control panel to help you choose your location correctly 
  • A Color picker to customize your weather layout 
Recently this plugin only compatible up to WordPress 3.3.2. But if you want to try place it on your latest version WordPress blog, you can install it. But I’m not responsible for any damage of your WordPress blog. 
If you interested to place it on your WordPress blog, you can visit here or install from your blog’s Plugin panel 

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