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Top 5 WordPress Widget Plugins

There are many WordPress users try to make their blogs user-friendly and beautiful. But not all of the user all are PHP expert. For PHP experts, make an interesting theme is not difficult. But for non-PHP expert, you have to determine the best theme that suitable with niche. 

Sometimes they are difficult to choose the best theme and then they choose bad-designed WordPress theme. So they have a bad WordPress blog. To prevent it, it’s better for you to choose the right widget

Well, previously I wrote about Ads Injection,  in this post I will give you 5 best WordPress widget plugin to enhance your blog’s design. 

Best WordPress Widget

Top 10 Widget

This widget will show the number of page views on every single post/page.  This plugin will display a list contain post title based on number of pageviews. It is like Statpress’s widget that has ability to show the statistic.

[spoiler title=Top 10 Widget]

Top 10 Widget


FV Community News Widget

Make your visitor have a contribution for your blog by use it. It allows reader to submit a content. It placed on sidebar, it has moderation and setting panel. 

[spoiler title=Top 10 Widget]

FV Community News


WP Polls Widget 

You can go to this post 

WP-UserOnline Widget

This is an amazing plugin that allows you to know who’s online right now. It divided between bot-visitor like Google Robot etc and human visitors, so you know who is the real visitor and who is the real bot. 

[spoiler title=WP User Online Widget]

WP User Online


 Social Slider Widget

You could add link to social networking in a floating box at the left sidebar. It help the readers if they want to share on social networking. 

[spoiler title=Social Slide Widget]

Social Slide Widget



There are some widget to enhance your blog.  It will make your blog cozy to see.  But it is better if you write high quality content so your reader will be happy to see and read your content. Selection of themes also has a role of reader’s happiness.

Are you ready to beautify your blog? :p


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