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5 Free Blank WordPress Themes

Writing the same codes and repeat it many times is too bad for new webdevelopers. It waste time and it’s boring for new webdevelopers. 

Some of new webdevelopers build their own theme from blank WordPress theme. This way will save your time because they have all  typical WordPress theme function, but it is not equipped with style, it give you possibility to customize your own themes. 

If you  want to build your own themes and want to code from zero, you’re better to build your own blank WordPress themes as base, then you finished your blank themes by styling your own blank themes. 

Okay, in this post I will give you 5 free blank WordPress themes. 

5  Blank WordPress Themes

Roots WordPress Theme

This theme is based on HTML5 Boilerplate, Bootstrap from Twitter, and is hNews microformat ready. Bootstrap from Twitter is included by default, with topbar navigation and the responsive grid ready to go. Blog posts are based on the hNews microformat as recommended by Readability’s Article Publishing Guidelines.

[spoiler title=Root WordPress Theme] Roots WordPress Themes[/spoiler]

Demo | Download

Toolbox – An HTML5 WordPress Starter Theme

You want to start hacking away at a WordPress Theme and get your site online. You don’t want to start with a Parent Theme, or a Theme Framework. You want to make your own theme—and you want it to be ready for HTML5.  Toolbox is a blank, HTML5, WordPress starter theme.

 [spoiler title=Toolbox]Toolbox


Demo | Download


Blank WordPress Theme

Blank WordPress Theme is a WordPress theme with all  typical WordPress theme function but almost none of the styling. The idea is that when starting a new theme, it is far easier to use this as a base then a theme that is already finished and styled.


 [spoiler title=Blank WordPress Theme]Blank


Demo | Download

H5 WordPress Theme

 The H5 Theme Template is a bare-bones WordPress theme built entirely withHTML 5 and styled with CSS 2.1. As you may know, HTML 5 provides greater flexibility and interoperability than previous markup languages, and enables us to build well-structured themes that are more flexible, interactive, and semantically precise.


 Demo and  Download

WordPress Naked

WordPress Naked is a simple WordPress theme to assist developers that need to quickly implement a blog using WordPress but don’t really have the time to spend looking under the hood in any detail or reading documentation when it comes to applying a custom theme (e.g. their clients’ design).


Okay, that’s all about some blank WordPress theme to build your own theme without losing many times.

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