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MaxBlogPress Favicon, Free WordPress Plugin

When you browse the internet, you often found blogs that have favicon. They are  drawn to a particular site because they have favicon. Their favicon make you interesting with them. After that, usually you wanted to place an icon to your WordPress blog.

Favicon will make your WordPress blog looked professional and branded. Further to this, favicon can drive a ton of traffic to your blog easily, because favicon makes your blog attractive. 

There are many plugin available for WordPress, but now I use MaxBlogPress Favicon. Why I use it? 

MaxBlogPress Favicon is free and you can install it easily. Beside that. MaxBlogPress Favicon has some great feature about favicon on WordPress blog. 

MaxBlogPress Favicon Feature:

  1. Your favicon will appear in the head section of your blog
  2. It will even get in the root folder of your blog (e.g.
  3. And of course in the RSS feed itself!

How to Install MaxBlogPress Favicon

    • Download MaxBlogPress Favicon
    • Go to your blog’s Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New (
    • Click upload
    • Choose file and click Install Now
    • Activate it, and go to Setting >> MBP Favicon (
    • It requires one time free registration, register to use it.
    • Now, you can upload your own icon, grab from URL, or choose on of the following icon

MaxBlogPress Favicon

  • Click on Save! 
  • Done! Refresh to see it. 

Some people said that there is no way to add icon in WordPress admin interface. Although you have the privilege of editing the theme, you cannot add favicon directly from there. It’s next to impossible.With MaxBlogPress Favicon, impossibility is a wrong because you are able have favicon in your admin interface as well. Yes, you heard it well, you can!

 If you can’t make an icon, you can ask Google to do this, hehe. But you can use icon that was provided by this plugin. 

Are you interesting to use this? You can click here to download MaxBlogPress Favicon 

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