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7 Best Free Android Games

Android is the fastest growing mobile platforms in the world. It’s mean that users of Android increased rapidly in quantity. This is a great way for apps developer to earn money from their product.

Android Games
Android Games

The number of Android developers also increased since it’s first release. There are many developers that develop their application to be sold in Google Play. They hope will get much money from selling their apps. In the other side, there are many developers that build free application, they have different goal.

Some free games are suck and junk, but there are many high-quality free Android games that existed among the junk.

Okay, in this post I will share 7 best free Android games that you can play easily and you don’t need to pay.

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Top 7 Free Android Games

Angry Bird

Angry Bird

Angry Bird is the most terrific free Android games ever. This is different from iOS version that for Android it’s free and iOS user must pay to get Angry Bird. In the first weekend of availability, Angry Bird earned two million downloads. Angry Bird is very challenging to play because it’s not easy if you never played it before.

Lane Splitter

Lane Splitter Android Games

In Lane Splitter you must ride a motorcycle in changing traffic. You must survive and be aware with other vehicle to complete level and get some items.

Let’s Golf 3 HD

Let's Golf 3 HD

Usually free Android games is limited to quality of graphics. But you can find different thing in Let’s Golf 3 HD. You can play this with your friend, this game supports multiplayer.

 UNO Free

UNO Free

Maybe you will think that UNO Free is ignored games, but maybe you didn’t know that you can play this game online with your friend. Shortly, this game is very interesting to be played.

Trial Xtreme 2

Trial Extreme 2

Trial Extreme 2 is a free motorcycle stunt action free Android games that very interesting. There are 30 levels you have to complete.



This is a very addictive Android games. Your task is must dance between clouds with two ropes, it likes Spiderman

Drag Racing

Drag Racing Android Games

Drag Racing is a free Android games that in this game you must be the fastest. There is 50 licensed cars available, you can play with another Android device or iPhone device.

If you have others idea about Android games, you can share it on comment box ^^

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