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5 Best WordPress Security Plugins

Security is an important thing that you should consider for your WordPress blog. There are millions of blogs that I’m sure it is unsecure because the admin didn’t care with this thing. So if their blogs was hacked, I’m not surprised. But there are many bloggers that care with blog’s security, but their effort to secure their WordPress blog is futile because sometimes hacker is smarter than us.

Wordpress security plugins
WordPress security plugins

In this posts I will share top  5 WordPress security plugins. They have good review from many bloggers, so I will recommend it to you.

 Wordpress Security Plugins

BulletProof Security


BulletProof Security is a plugins to secure your WordPress blog. It will prevent your blog from being hacked.  BulletProof Security has ability to against every malicious script or some hacking attacks type, like RFI, SQL Injection, CRLF, CSRF, Base64, XSS,  andCode Injection. This plugin use .htaccess file to secure your blog. Why? Check it out here

Secure WordPress


Secure WordPress is a WordPress plugins that has ability to hide or remove every potential attack, like hide WordPress version, remove error information on login page, etc. Secure WordPress was downloaded more than 700,000 times  and have rating 4/5 from 167 respondants. What benefits that I can get if I use this plugins? Check it out here



Like antivirus for computer, AntiVirus is a WordPress plugin to scan and clean your WordPress blog from malicious script and exploit. AntiVirus will scan your WordPress engine, themes, and plugins. Be careful with warez themes and plugins because sometimes it was injected with malicious script by hacker. There are many features that you can read here

Better WP Security

Better Wp Security is a plugin that has many ability. It will learn and give the best solution for your blogs. This plugin has 4,7/5 rating, and it’s the highest rank from the lists. You can check it here



NoSpamNX is a plugin to secure your blog from spam comments. This plugins will add invisible form to comment form, so it can differ spam comments and real-human comments. If you are not use Akismet, NoSpamNX is the best solution for you. Check it out the reason here

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