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How to Play Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 in Ubuntu

One of the people’s reason why they are not using Ubuntu is they cannot play games on Ubuntu. In their mind they still think that Linux is still using command line interface. Some of my friends worried that they cannot do their tasks like make a report, using SPSS, AutoCAD, playing games etc. They think that one of the Linux’s weakness is lack of high-quality applications and games. There are many Ubuntu apps and games, but sometimes they can’t satisfy users, mostly Ubuntu newcomer.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

They think that they can’t used Linux to be primary operating system. They still think that Ubuntu cannot run Windows application. But actually we can run Windows application on Ubuntu. In this posts I will share how to play Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 on Ubuntu. For your information I use Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin. I can play Pro Evolution Soccer in Ubuntu 12.04 and there is no lag.

Here is some way to play it

Install Wine

Type these on Terminal

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install wine

Install Winetricks

To install Winetricks, follow the following steps below

  1. Download Winetricks, type this command
  2. Type this command to use install importants package
    sh winetricks directx9 vcrun2005 vcrun2008 allfonts allcodecs

Setting up Wine

  1. Open Terminal and type winecfg  to configure Wine or you can access it by clicking Application РWine РConfigure Wine
  2. Make sure that you set these options
    OS version: Windows XP
    3D settingstVertex Shader Support: Hardware  and set Allow Pixel Shader
    Audio settings set alsa drivers; Hardware acceleration full; sample rate 44100; bit per sample 16;
    unset driver emulation
  3. Type wine regedit in Terminal
  4. Create new key Direct3D on HKEY_CURRENT_USER-Software-Wine.
  5. Create some string
    string: DirectDrawRenderer value: opengl
    string: Nonpower2Mode value: repack
    string: OffscreenRenderingMode value: fbo
    string: RenderTargetLockMode value: auto
    string: UseGLSL value: readtex
    string: VideoMemorySizet value: (your graphic memory size)
  6. Now install Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 as usual. Make sure that you run the installer using Wine Program Loader. Right click > Open With > Wine Program Loader.
  7. Now you can play Pro Evolution Soccer in Ubuntu!Pro Evolution Soccer in Ubuntu

Actually you can run not only Pro Evolution Soccer, but also almost all of the Windows games and application in Ubuntu using Wine. In the next post I will tell you how to run other Windows program in Ubuntu.


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