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Twitter is one of the best social network today. There are many Twitter client available. One of them is Hotot, an open-source microblogging client. It is founded by Shellex Wai. There are many user using this microblogging client.


I used it since yesterday and I think it’s better than Tweetdeck or DestroyTwitter. And sure, in my honest opinion this software is lot better than Gwibber. This is simpler but more powerful.


Extension Support

Extension or add-ons are available and developed by developer to add it’s functionality.

Hotot Functionality

Preview Images and Video

Hotot will show an embedded media like images and video if possible. It supported several picture share service like, twipic,,, etc. Hotot also supported Youtube.

Hotot Images


Image Service Integration

You can share a picture.

Upload image via Hotot

Theme Support

User will enjoy the interface and they can customize their own theme.

Threaded Conversation

You can read previous tweet if possible that related with a specific tweet.
Threaded Conversation Hotot

View Geo Information

You can view geographical information of specific tweets. Just clicks the geo icons

Geo Information Hotot

KIsmet Firewall

Tired of boring topics? Rule the timeline and drop them.

In the design, it’s not only a simple firewall, but also a powerful tool to help people have better control to their information flow. Now, you can try the prototype to feel its power.

Notification System

You can view notifications if someone mentions you.

Multi-Columns View

You can read home, mentions, or you can stalk someone’s timeline at the same time. Hehe. You can customize it.


Real-time Update

If your friends update status, you can read it immediately.


Hotot supports Twitter and

It is a crossing-platform application, available in Windows, Linux, Mac, and Chrome OS.

Hotot for Ubuntu

For development, you can use Official Launchpad PPA

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hotot-team
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install hotot

A stable version is available in default distr distro.

$ sudo apt-get install hotot

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