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Unity : Change Title in Unity Taskbar

Sometimes you think that title “Ubuntu Desktop” on the Unity taskbar is very bad. Especially for you who want to customize your interface, e.g you want to make your Ubuntu interface like MacOS X. You must change or remove the title, so your friend think that you use the real MacOS X.

Now you can change it. If you unsure to do this, I recommend you not to do this because you will edit system file and can damage your system.

For your information, if you update your Ubuntu (sudo apt-get upgrade) this change will revert back. So you must do this again.

  1. Install Gettext by typing sudo apt-get install gettext
  2. Using Gedit or any text editor, paste code below
    msgid "Ubuntu Desktop"
    msgstr "MacOS X"

    Save as unity.po , or anything with .po extension. I save it in ~/unity.po

  3. Run this command
    cd /usr/share/locale/en/LC_MESSAGES
    sudo msgfmt -o ~/unity.po
  4. Log out and log in again. You can see the text changed. If the text aren’t changed, you can repeat it again.

unity change title

Now you can enjoy it. You can change the text, e.g My Computer, or Expensive Laptop, or mY c0MpUt3R. Whatever -.-
Thanks to Andrew Johnson

*I’m sorry for my bad English, I lost my writing skill TT

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