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[Dual Boot] How to Uninstall Ubuntu from Windows

Ubuntu is great, but sometimes users are bored with Ubuntu and wanted to uninstall it from dual-boot computer. In this post I will show you how to uninstall it from Windows dual-boot computer.

uninstall ubuntu

Backup Your File

This is an important step when you wanted to uninstall Ubuntu. You must backup your file in Linux partition because Windows can’t identify Linux partition type. Make sure that you backup your file to external media or Windows partition.

But if you cannot boot into Ubuntu, you can use Linux LiveCD to boot and backup your file.

Delete Ubuntu Partition

You must remove Linux partition -boot, swap, home- to uninstall Ubuntu.

There is an easy way to remove them from your laptop. In this order you must boot into Windows, you can remove them using Disk Management in Computer Management.

administrative tool

uninstall ubuntu - disk management

You can see the picture above that I have 7 partition, and I must determine that 2 partitions are for Linux partition. I remembered that I used 6 GBs-partition for swap and about 200 GBs for boot. We know that Ubuntu partition can’t be indentified by Windows, so we can delete them . Right click on the desired partition and click ‘Delete Volume’. Done

Restore MBR

After you do the second step, you will face problem after restart the computer : you cannot boot into Windows because if you remove Ubuntu boot partition, it means that you also remove GRUB. We know that in Grub Screen we choose operating system to use at boot time. So we must restore Windows Master Boot Record.

The first way is you use Hiren Boot CD. But if you have Windows installation media, you can use it.

  • Boot from Windows CD/DVD installation, and then choose ‘Repair’
  • Choose Command Prompt, and when you face Command Line, you can type these
    • bootrec /fixmbr
    • bootrec /fixboot

XP users need to run the recovery console from Windows XP CD and then type fixmbr when at the command prompt.

Reclaim Free Space

After you did the previous step, you can boot into Windows. You must remember that after you removed Ubuntu from you computer, you still have some free space. If I do this my laptop still has about 200 GBs free space. It is very redundant if I let the free space unpartitioned. So you can make partition on it by right-clicking and click ‘New Simple Volume’

Now you can enjoy your Windows computer.



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