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Antivirus software for Ubuntu, is it real? There are common people or Linux newcomer said that Linux doesn’t need antivirus software because Linux is safe, Linux is free of virus. But actually they’re wrong. There are no manmade system are safe from malicious code, hacking, vulnerability, etc.

This discourse is very controversial. There are two side, both of them has reason. The first side think that Linux user doesn’t need antivirus software because Linux is secure. But the other side think that Linux still need this software because there is sone Linux virus like Alaeda, Bad Bunny, and many more. Shane Coursen, a senior technical consultant with Kaspersky Lab, claims, “The growth in Linux malware is simply due to its increasing popularity, particularly as a desktop operating system . The use of an operating system is directly correlated to the interest by the malware writers to develop malware for that OS.” Although there are some Linux virus, but

There is some antivirus softwae for Linux. In this post I will share some of them for Ubuntu.

avast! Linux Home Edition

avast 5 antivirus software

I was surprised when I know that there are avast! for Linux. avast! is a cross-platform antivirus software (Windows, Linux, Mac) that has simple interface and has automatic update feature.

To get it, first you should go to Terminal by press Ctrl+Alt+T and then type these


And then install it by type these

sudo dpkg -i avast4workstation_1.3.0-2_i386.deb

Then avast! will be installed automatically


bitdefender antivirus

BitDefender is another software that provides Linux version. To install it on Ubuntu, you must register and get license key.

First step, you must download BitDefender by typing these on Terminal


Next, you must make this file executable by typing these

sudo chmod +x

Then, you can install BitDefender

sudo ./

Avira Antivir

avira antivir

Avira Antivir also has Linux version of antivirus software. To install, follow some step below

First, download Avira Antivir


Then extract the file

tar xvzf antivir_workstation-pers.tar.gz

Then, run the command below to install

sudo ./antivir-workstation-pers-3.0.2-5/install

There is some antivirus software for Ubuntu, you can choose which is the best for you.

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