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How to Restore Old Firefox Data After Refresh

Not everyone knows that Firefox provides a refresh button if there something bad happens. This button is helpful when you face any problem with Firefox and you are too lazy to reinstall it. But there is a problem. If you stored all of your password in Firefox and decided to forget all of your login details, you are finished. This problem is also happens when you reinstall Firefox, or any activities that make your Firefox apps vanished from your PC, so you are finished in any way.

Actually I just realized about this button when I write this post haha. I have to restore some login details because I forgot my email. If you say that,”Ah that’s a mere email,” but I need that account to login to my campus network. I need an internet connection to download some laptop’s driver because I just reset it’s OS. So, I am totally finished. I have to restore old Firefox data to prevent being finished before finish my undergraduate program here.

Okay back to topic, after doing some research here  now I know that we can restore our old Firefox data and use it as good as before.

  • Laptop/PC. Maybe your PC or your friend’s
  • Old Firefox data.

If you refresh your app, it located in the Desktop. If you reset the operating system, you can find it in C:\Windows.old\User\username\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\profile. This path is only for Windows. I don’t know about Linux, I have uninstalled it looong time ago for some reasons.

  • Newly-installed Firefox apps
  • A working brain.
Okay what I have to do now?
  • Make sure that you have installed Mozilla Firefox and open it
  • Now click a three-horizontal-lines button on the right top of the Window, then click (?) Help button, then Troubleshooting Information….
  • Under Application Basic, on the Profile Folder, click Show Folder.
  • Now you just found your Firefox data folder. Congratulations!
  • Now in the different window, open the old Firefox data folder.
  • Place both of the windows properly so you can do it easily. how to restore old Firefox data
  • Now move some important files (will be explained later) from old Firefox data folder to the newly-installed Firefox data folder.
  • Done! You have finished the most important mission in your life.
Which file should I copy?

Good question, Buddy. Actually every single file is very important. But there are some files that you have to ensure that these files have been copied, depends on the goal of your story.

  • Bookmarks, Download, and Browsing History >> places.sqlite
  • Password >> key3.db and login.json
  • Site-specific preferences >> permissions.sqlite
  • Search engine >> search.json
  • Personal dictionary >> persdict.dat
  • Autocomplete history >> formhistory.sqlite
  • Cookies >> cookies.sqlite
  • Security Certificate settings >> cert8.db
  • File types and download action >> mimeTypes.rdf

Now you have restore old Firefox data!


BTW I lost my sense of writing and my grammar become horrible 😀

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