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[Dual Boot] How to Uninstall Ubuntu from Windows

Ubuntu is great, but sometimes users are bored with Ubuntu and wanted to uninstall it from dual-boot computer. In this post I will show you how to uninstall it from Windows dual-boot computer.

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Unity : Change Title in Unity Taskbar

Sometimes you think that title “Ubuntu Desktop” on the Unity taskbar is very bad. Especially for you who want to customize your interface, e.g you want to make your Ubuntu interface like MacOS X. You must change or remove the title, so your friend think that you use the real MacOS X.

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How to Fix ‘Grub Rescue’ Prompt for Ubuntu

After I have installed dual-booting Windows 7 with Ubuntu 12.10, my laptop stuck on grub rescue screen and cannot continue to boot screen. Actually after I installed Ubuntu I want to install Windows 8 and then compare them and determine which is the best. But I must delay to compare them and try to solve grub rescue problem.If you see the same problem with image below, I will tell you how to solve grub rescue problem.

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How to Play Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 in Ubuntu

One of the people’s reason why they are not using Ubuntu is they cannot play games on Ubuntu. In their mind they still think that Linux is still using command line interface. Some of my friends worried that they cannot do their tasks like make a report, using SPSS, AutoCAD, playing games etc. They think that one of the Linux’s weakness is lack of high-quality applications and games. There are many Ubuntu apps and games, but sometimes they can’t satisfy users, mostly Ubuntu newcomer.

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Mount Partition Automatically in Ubuntu Using PySDM

After dual-booting Ubuntu with other operating system like Windows 7, sometimes we want to use file in other partition from Ubuntu like playing music, but it can’t play because we forget to mount it. Sometimes it make my system hang when I play music from other partition using Clemetine. It is very annoying and ineffective.So in this post I will share how to mount partition automatically on startup in Ubuntu using PySDM

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Installing GNOME 3 Shell on Ubuntu 12.04

GNOME is one of most popular dekstop environment for Linux. It shows us how Linux it is and break common people opinions about Linux. For about years many people still think that Linux is not user-friendly, still using CLI (Command Line Interface) to operate it, etc. They think that Linux cannot be compared with Windows or Mac in environment aspects. But now we know GNOME, I think this is the most beautiful dekstop environment for Ubuntu.

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Membuat Hotspot dengan Wi-Fi di Linux Ubuntu

Membangun hotspot dengan basis Linux Ubuntu