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How to Play Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 in Ubuntu

One of the people’s reason why they are not using Ubuntu is they cannot play games on Ubuntu. In their mind they still think that Linux is still using command line interface. Some of my friends worried that they cannot do their tasks like make a report, using SPSS, AutoCAD, playing games etc. They think that one of the Linux’s weakness is lack of high-quality applications and games. There are many Ubuntu apps and games, but sometimes they can’t satisfy users, mostly Ubuntu newcomer.

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5 Best Free Games for Ubuntu

Do you think that there are no games for Ubuntu? Do you switch to Windows from Ubuntu because of games? Stop doing it! There are many high-quality free Linux games you can play.

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Best Free Web-Based Online Games

Everybody like playing games, include web-based online games. Not only children or teenagers, but also many old-man play it.