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Antivirus Software for Ubuntu

Antivirus software for Ubuntu, is it real? There are common people or Linux newcomer said that Linux doesn’t need antivirus software because Linux is safe, Linux is free of virus. But actually they’re wrong. There are no manmade system are safe from malicious code, hacking, vulnerability, etc.

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CodeBlocks C++ IDE for Ubuntu

Code::Blocks is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that built to meet he most demanding needs of its users. It’s support Windows, Linux, and MacOS. It’s free but very powerful. You can configure it’s user interface as you want, so you will enjoy the interface.

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Installing GNOME 3 Shell on Ubuntu 12.04

GNOME is one of most popular dekstop environment for Linux. It shows us how Linux it is and break common people opinions about Linux. For about years many people still think that Linux is not user-friendly, still using CLI (Command Line Interface) to operate it, etc. They think that Linux cannot be compared with Windows or Mac in environment aspects. But now we know GNOME, I think this is the most beautiful dekstop environment for Ubuntu.